How to Treat Your Carpet for Shedding?

Nothing beats the softness of carpets during summers and their warmth during winters when you walk with your barefoot on them. However, if your carpet starts shedding, it wouldn’t be comfortable anymore in both the summer and winter seasons. Also, you might be wondering about “how to treat your carpet for shedding” and searching for its answer everywhere. Hence, we prepared an answer to this question of yours in our blog. So, do not exceed your efforts anymore on always cleaning whatever your carpets shed and instead try to treat them. Look further into this blog to know more. 

Treat Your Carpet For Shedding

Quicks Ways On How To Treat Your Different Carpet Types For Shedding 

  • Placing Carpet Non-Skid Pad 

While you do not have ways to prevent carpets from shedding, there is a way how to treat your carpet for shedding. If you follow proper treatment to your wool carpet, you can notice that your carpets aren’t shedding anymore. So, place a non-skid pad under your carpet as it helps in cushioning the carpet. Walking on carpets can bring the loose fibres in them to the surface. But, a carpet pad can absorb the impact of walking and doesn’t force carpet fibres to shed. You have to note that a quality carpet non-skid pad should be thick enough to offer to cushion for your carpets. 

  • Combing 

Comb over the carpet regularly and lightly with a fine comb or you can also broom the carpet altogether to discard loose fibres. In fact, the static can encourage the loose fibres in the carpet to clump together. So, this makes you easily notice the shedding of carpet. Combing and brooming carpets can also get rid of the pet hair from carpets altogether. Therefore, all you have to do is to check out the best carpet weaving combs available in stores. After that, select a comb to your liking and buy it to keep using regularly. 

  • Vacuuming

To draw and remove loose fibres from the carpet, vacuum your wool carpet every other week or weekly. Vacuuming requires the use of a brush attachment that helps you to gently work on the carpet fibres. This way of treating the carpet shedding also sucks up the loose fibres. So, continue to vacuum the carpet regularly until you find that your carpet is no longer shedding. However, do not use the regular vacuums instead you need to opt for a beater bar for synthetic carpet fabric types. Therefore, with this simple way you need not worry about how to treat your carpet for shedding.

  • Rotating The Carpets

If your carpet is in heavy traffic areas such as front doors and in kids’ playing rooms, it is mandatory to rotate them. You need to rotate the carpet every 6 months or a year at 180°. This allows the carpet to wear evenly and prevents it from uneven tears and wears. Rotating the carpets not only stops them from shedding but also makes their facing less noticeable. It also ensures that you can notice the effects of wearing in half. In fact, rotating the carpets regularly acts as a rule of thumb for how to treat your carpet for shedding.

  • Anti-Slip Underlays

The less a carpet slips, the less it will shed. So, invest in laying an anti-slip underlay beneath your carpet and naturally treat your carpet from shedding. Because investing in anti-slip underlays can directly help your carpet from shedding. The ideal size of an anti-slip underlay should be around 2.5 cm or 1 inch shorter than the carpet itself on each side. This way the carpet will be placed fully on top of the anti-slip underlay and minimise the amount of slip protection. 

  • Trimming

Trimming also plays a major role and makes the carpet stop shedding in no time. It is completely natural that carpet tufts start appearing on the surface, so resist not pulling those Tufts. Because this causes more damage than good to your carpets and makes them appear fuzzy in addition to shedding. So, take the help of a sharp pair of scissors to trim down the tufts coming off your carpet. Also, make sure to collect all the loose carpet balls and fibres.

  • Placement Of Carpets

Placement of the carpet can also have effects on the number of carpet sheds. Did you know this? If not, then make note of this right now. If you place your carpet in a very high foot traffic area of your home, then they are going to experience shedding, wear and tear in a very short time. So, if you want to prevent your carpet from shedding, you need to place them under the coffee table. Because that is one place where you do not place your feet all the time and hence the shedding stops. 


One of the best ways to prevent carpets from shedding is to have routine professional carpet cleaning services. In fact, with expert cleaners’ help, you can also avoid vacuuming, combing and rotating your carpet regularly. So, worry no more about how to treat your carpet for shedding and hire skilled experts. Professional cleaning of the carpets is highly important to extend their life of it and as well make them look fresh and new. Because although we cannot see the deeply embedded dirt, it still affects the carpet inside out. Therefore, make a slot booking right this moment to avail of same day carpet cleaning services to restore your carpet’s look. Also, many carpet cleaners advise you about futuristic carpet cleaning tips!